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Our currency is the ability to create content that can grab peoplesattention in under 30 seconds.

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What we do

Originators has grown from a broadcast branding company into a leader in entertainment marketing — responsible for some of Africa’s most recognisable trailers, teasers, digital campaigns, branded content, custom content and more. With a creative vision driven by industry leading editing, directing, writing, motion graphics, music composition and finishing, Originators exceedingly pushes the limits of innovative storytelling.

  • Entertainment & Sports Marketing
  • Content Creation (Digital, On-Air, Print)
  • Channel Branding (TV, Digital, Radio)
  • Integrated Campaigns

Our Expertise

Our expertise manifests in many forms, from our speciality in TV production, digital broadcast and the on-air marketing of special TV events. Our core strengths are in through-the-line TV Production with world-class facilities. We have the capability to handle numerous clients’ creative services with an-depth 360 Marketing approach that spans across all media platforms from TV, Radio to Digital.

Our Services

Broadcast Branding

  • Digital, TV & Radio Channel Branding
  • Sports & Entertainment Graphics Packages
  • Title Sequences
  • On-Air/Online Channel Maintenance
  • Sound Design

Our Services

Integrated Campaigns

  • Integrated Brand Campaigns (360)
  • Launch & Maintenance Campaigns
  • Product & Service Campaigns
  • Digital, TV, Print & Radio

Our Services

Entertainment Marketing

  • Event Promos & Trailers
  • Creative Assets for Social Media
  • Post Campaign Analysis

Our Services

Digital Content

  • Promoted Posts
  • Social Covers
  • Banners
  • Competitions
  • Takeovers
  • Tik Tok Challenges
  • Youtube Preroll Ads
  • Carousels

Our Services

Content Creation

  • Video Content Creation
  • Branded Content
  • Original Content
  • Repacks (from International)
  • Long-Form & Short-Form
  • TV Promos & Trailers
  • Stills Photography
  • Podcasts


The common thread in what we do is woven in our unwavering focus on building our clients' brands and offering a measurable return on their investment in our ability to positively influence a multitude of consumers through our work.